Implementing Agency

UNIDO is the GEF implementing agency responsible for overall management and monitoring of the project activities and outputs to ensure compliance with the project objectives and the GEF fiduciary standards.

It is responsible for reporting to the GEF on an annual basis, carrying out mid-term and final evaluation.

Additionally UNIDO extends technical support and access to its training material, tools, forms and a platform for interaction with international partners.

@ UNIDO Regional Office in Cairo

  1. Giovanna Ceglie, UNIDO Representative and Director, Regional Office:
  2. Maha Etewa, Senior Administrative Assistant:

@ Headquarters

  1. Rana Ghoneim, Project Manager:
  2. Niveen Fahmy, Project Assistant:

Project management Unit (PMU):

It manages the project implementation on daily basis.

The management team operates in a close network for the direct beneficiaries and involved Egyptian institutions such as, but not only, the EEAA, MTI, IDA, EOS, FEI, selected training institutions, energy consultant associations, and importantly also the industrial sector.

  1. Gihan Bayoumi, National Project Coordinator:
  2. Ashraf Zeitoun, Technical Expert:
  3. Heba ElHamamssy Administrative & Finance Program Assistant:
  4. Ismail Hamdy Communication Specialist:

Lead Government Executing Partner

Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) ( represents the executive arm of the Egyptian Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs.

The main functions of EEAA are to formulating environmental policies and preparing the necessary plans for environmental protection and environmental development projects, following up their implementation, and undertaking pilot projects.

This includes energy efficiency and renewable energy. In addition, EEAA is the national focal point for all GEF projects and activities.

  1. Attwa Hussein Attwa, National Project Supervisor:
  2. Sherif Abdel Rehim, National Project Director:
  3. Lydia Elewa, Technical Engineer:

Project Steering Committee (PSC):

It provides strategic guidance on the project implementation, and to facilitate the coordination of various Government authorities, institutions and the industries. The permanent members include:

  • Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)
  • Egyptian Federation of Industry (FEI)
  • Ministry of Electricity,
  • Ministry of Petroleum
  • Ministry of Investment
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of International Cooperation

The Project Steering Committee has a number of permanent members and the option to invite ad-hoc experts.

Project Working group (WG):

It is composed from all project partners’ representatives and aiming at supporting the PMU in the implementation of project activities and ensuring their alignment with the project work plan as well as providing technical input and updating PMU with governmental development plans and other information relevant to IEE in Egypt. The Project working group meets once a month.