The Industrial Energy Efficiency Project started in January 2013 with a fund from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), equal USD 3,950,000, and input of the Egyptian counterparts that is equivalent to USD 24,121,000 in cash and in-kind.

The project is implemented by the United Nations industrial Development organization (UNIDO), with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency as the lead executing partner and in full cooperation with the Industrial Development Authority, the Egyptian organization for Standardization, the Industrial Modernization Center and the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

The IEE project seeks to address some of the key barriers to industrial energy efficiency (IEE), to deliver measurable results and to make an impact on how Egyptian industries manage energy through an integrated approach that combines capacity building and technical assistance interventions at the policy, institutional and enterprise level.
Primary target groups of the project are industrial decision-makers (managers), engineers, vendors and other professionals and IEE policy-making and/or implementing institutions.

The project will provide technical assistance to develop and help establish market oriented policy instruments needed to support sustainable progression of Egyptian industries toward international best energy performance and to stimulate the creation of a market for IEE products and services.

The project will build knowledge and in-depth technical capacity for IEE, with an emphasis on system optimization and energy management systems standards in industry, energy professionals and relevant institutions, such as the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and other concerned institutions. The project will provide technical support, including energy audits and support a limited number of pilot IEE projects with high replication and/ or energy savings potential in the key industrial sectors to reach implementation.